About the Global Center

The Global Center for Health Innovation is a one-of-a-kind healthcare-focused innovation hub. Our community brings together entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare institutions, advisors and industry leaders to facilitate collaboration, discovery and partnerships that have the power to transform healthcare. Collisions of thought occur here every day as healthcare innovators and influencers walk our halls and participate in events.

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, the Global Center community is made up of:

  • Innovators: The Global Center is a place where healthcare startups can put down roots in office or co-working space, taking advantage of a uniquely healthcare-focused innovation community.
  • Institutions: Cleveland is the home of world-renowned healthcare institutions like Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and The MetroHealth System, which are all engaged partners of the Global Center.
  • Industry: It’s been part of the Global Center’s mission from the start to engage leading healthcare corporations, which host events, engage in initiatives and build teams here.    
  • Igniters: Every successful startup needs a powerful support team, and the Global Center is home to a variety of investors, advisors, accelerators and others who ignite innovation – including Plug and Play, North Coast Angel Fund, DHG Healthcare and more.

The Global Center is also a place where thousands of industry leaders come annually from across the world for dozens of events, including clinical and industry conferences, healthcare startup pitch competitions and other industry-building initiatives.

Global Center for Health Innovation
1 St. Clair Ave. NE
Cleveland, Ohio 44114