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Every successful startup needs a powerful support team, and the Global Center is home to a variety of investors, advisors, accelerators and others who ignite innovation – including Plug and Play, BioEnterprise, North Coast Angel Fund, DHG Healthcare and more.

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Becoming a partner or sponsor of the Global Center for Health Innovation provides access to the organizations and influential individuals driving Cleveland’s thriving healthcare industry. Powered by the biomedical accelerator BioEnterprise, the Global Center is an energetic hub for events, initiatives and partnerships that bring together biomedical startups, major healthcare institutions, industry leaders, investors, service partners and others. You can partner with us by sponsoring an event, supporting our initiatives, creating an in-residence position in the Global Center community or more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

2020 Medical Capital Innovation Competition | April 21-22, 2020
The Medical Capital Innovation Competition is an annual two-day event that draws professional and collegiate teams from across the globe to pitch ideas with the potential to transform the future of healthcare. MCIC teams receive access to meaningful mentoring, co-development opportunities and cash prizes totaling $100,000. MCIC is presented by BioEnterprise in partnership with Cuyahoga County, and is held at the Global Center for Health Innovation. Learn more about the 2019 MCIC.

Co-Host a GCHI Event

Success Story: BioEnterprise and AAMI Collaborate to Create the AAMI Xcelerator

When the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) selected Cleveland for its 2019 national conference AAMI Exchange, the organization’s leadership hoped to add a new twist to its programming. It envisioned a pre-conference startup pitch competition called AAMI Xcelerator at the Global Center for Health Innovation that would highlight new innovations in artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and connected devices in healthcare, specifically as they relate to improving clinical decision-making. To create this new pitch competition, AAMI turned engaged BioEnterprise, which served as a partner from start to finish. The BioEnterprise team worked closely with AAMI throughout the planning and execution of the AAMI Xcelerator, including promoting the competition, targeting and solicitation of qualified startups, event logistics, securing speakers and day-of execution.

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